Solicitation Number: RFQ-SJR-08-2019

Solicitation Name: Request for Qualifications for Prequalified Contractors-New Certificates

Status of RFQ: Closed.

Web Page:
This web page is updated as the RFQ process progresses and applicants must monitor this page for updates, information, and notices.

Description: St. Johns River State College invites general, building, roofing, and civil (site work) contractors to apply for prequalified contractor status with the College for Calendar Year 2020 (January-December 2020). Certificates of Prequalification are required in order to respond to competitive solicitations issued by the College for construction related and site work projects at each of its campuses in Orange Park, Palatka and St. Augustine during this prequalification period.

Note: If you hold a prequalification certificate for the current prequalification period and wish to apply to renew your certificate for the upcoming period, you are on the wrong page. You must respond to RFQ-SJR-07-2019, which is for certificate renewals.

Application for Prequalified Contractor Certificate-New:
To obtain the RFQ-SJR-08-2019 Specifications Document (Application for New Certificate), e-mail a request to Beverly Barker, Director of Capital Contract Management, at .

Deadline for RFQ Responses:
RFQ responses, sealed and identified on the outside of the submission with the firm’s name and RFQ-SJR-08-2019 are due by 3:00 p.m. on October 17, 2019, to St. Johns River State College, Business Office Attn: Beverly Barker, 5001 St. Johns Avenue, Palatka, FL 32177.

Document Name: Issue Date:
Public Notices/Invitation to Respond Sept. 26; Oct. 3, and Oct 10, 2019
RFQ Schedule (Calendar) Sept. 26, 2019
Anticipated Projects Sept. 26, 2019
RFQ Responses Received Oct. 18, 2019
Notice of Intent to Award RFQ Oct. 28, 2019
Notice of Award Nov. 21, 2019

Contact for RFQ questions:

(386) 312-4110