Career Services


SJR State College Career Services is committed to being responsive to the discipline-specific career needs of our students. Committee initiatives are designed to prepare students for the challenges and opportunities presented in the global marketplace while simultaneously encouraging students to pursue and sustain academic excellence.

Career Services values the worth of all our students and their chosen discipline and prepares them for life through guidance toward personal and professional fulfillment and civic engagement. Career Services does this via effective educational experiences, ongoing student support services, and career assessment and planning resources to match the needs of the diverse communities it serves.

Students will be able to complete a self-assessment and utilize the information gathered to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses to better guide them toward a fulfilling career choice.

Students will be able to explore options for a degree or major and analyze the market for career opportunities within their field of choice and geographic region.

Students will be able to explore courses toward the degree or major of choice.

Students will be able to gain knowledge in the preparation of resumes and interviewing skills to better prepare them for entering the job market.