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SJR State offers a series of programs designed to fulfill the educational needs of the community. Collaborative efforts with employers in business, industry and government ensure the creation of programs and courses to prepare students in some of the fastest growing occupations.

What is an A.S. Degree?
The Associate in Science degrees are two-year programs for students who are planning to enter a chosen career at the semi-professional level upon completion. The A.S. degree programs encompass courses in two basic areas:

  • One area is specialized courses, which provide specific training in a program of study.
  • The second major area of courses is general education. General education courses are designed to help develop a well-rounded individual and enhance employment potential.

Students who complete these programs will earn college credit.

What is a College Credit Certificate?
The College Credit Certificate programs are approximately one year in length and are designed to prepare students for immediate entry into a career in the workforce. A College Credit Certificate consists primarily of specialized courses in a specific career area and are an intermediate step toward an Associate in Science degree in a particular area of study. Students who complete these programs will earn college credit.

What is a Career Certificate?
Career Certificate programs, also known as postsecondary training programs (PSAV), prepare students for entry into a given career or vocation in less than one year. Each of these programs prepares students for a specific occupation or one of a cluster of related occupations.

To complete a program, students must demonstrate that they have mastered specific job-related performance requirements. Students who complete these programs will earn vocational credit.

A high school diploma may be required for admission into some programs.

What is Corporate College?
Corporate College offers workforce training on our campuses or onsite at your business location. We provide training for individuals and groups looking to gain or improve their skills in software, soft skills, and business practices. We understand that your company’s challenges may be unique and that is where our customized training allows you to get personalized service.