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College Credit Certificate

Change lives, starting with your own!

Hundreds of EMS calls are processed everyday, and EMTs are often the first to arrive at the emergency. Their skills can often mean the difference between life and death.

This program prepares students for employment at the basic pre-hospital emergency medical technician level where they can treat patients with various medical/trauma conditions.

EMT certification is the first step toward becoming a paramedic.

Program Details

Start Date: Fall and Spring
Program Requirements: See Catalog
Program Plan-Course Rotation: (PDF) (Excel)

Program Length: The EMT certificate program can be completed in one semester.
Program completion will be contingent upon clinical site availability.

Location: Courses are based on the Orange Park and Palatka campuses. Field experiences and clinicals are scheduled with health care facilities within the region.

Questions? Call (904) 808-7465
For an on-campus appointment contact the academic advising department on a campus near you.

The SJR State advantage

Ask any student and they will tell you that confidence is gained from experience. It is what instructors and employers call the "competitive edge."

  • State-of-the-art ambulance, manikins and equipment provide the latest hands-on training
  • SJR State's health-sciences building is designed to simulate a real hospital where students are presented with "life-threatening" patient scenarios
  • Ride-alongs are scheduled throughout the Northeast Florida region and provide students with "real-world" experiences

Program Mission Statement

Emergency Medical Technician - This is an instructional program that prepares students for employment as emergency medical technicians to function at the basic pre-hospital emergency medical technician level and treat various medical/trauma conditions using appropriate equipment and materials. The program prepares students for certification as EMTs in accordance with Chapter 64J of the Florida Administrative Code. This is the initial level for a career in emergency medical services and the primary prerequisite for paramedic training and certification.

How to Apply

(1) Apply to SJR State*
(2) Spring enrollment application period is August 1 – October 30. The program is available on the Orange Park and Palatka campuses.
(3) Application deadline April 1 – June 15 for Fall 2022 enrollment on the Orange Park campus.

Tuition and Fees: See Catalog
Financial Aid: Apply now!

Questions? Call (904) 808-7465
For an on-campus appointment contact the academic advising department on a campus near you.

* Visit our SSN Web page for more information regarding the College's use of Social Security Numbers.

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the program the graduate will be able to:
1. Demonstrate technical proficiency in all of the skills necessary to fulfill the role of an entry-level Emergency Medical Technician.
2. Demonstrate the knowledge, skills and behaviors consistent with the expectations of the profession.
3. Enhance the delivery of high-quality, safe health care in the pre-hospital setting.
4. Perform all care in a professional, legal, and ethical manner recognizing cultural diversity.

Job Outlook / Salary

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