Associate in Arts Degree


The Associate in Arts degree is the legally recognized transfer degree for the Florida College System and is specifically designed for the student who wishes to transfer into the State University System of Florida as a university junior. Classes to complete the A.A. Degree can be taken part time or full-time, on campus and online.*

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Upon completion of the A.A. Degree, many students choose to remain at SJR State to pursue one of our bachelor’s degrees.

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To receive the A.A. degree, a student must complete a minimum of 60 college-level credit hours. The 60 hours must include the 36 credit hours of general education requirements and 24 hours of university transfer program prerequisites/electives. In addition to the credit hour requirement listed above, the student must:

  1. Earn a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.0 in all courses attempted that apply toward the A.A. degree;
  2. Complete a minimum of 15 credit hours required for the degree at St. Johns River State College;
  3. Satisfy the writing requirements of SBE Rule 6A-10.030 (Gordon Rule) by successfully completing at least 12 hours of courses requiring multiple college-level writing assignments;
  4. Satisfy the mathematics requirements of SBE Rule 6A- 10.030 by successfully completing at least 6 hours of courses at the level of College Algebra or higher;
  5. Satisfy the foreign language requirement of SBE Rule 6A-10.02412 by successfully completing of two semesters of the same college level foreign language or documented proficiency of a foreign language;
  6. Satisfy the civic literacy requirement of SBE Rule 6A-10.02413 by successfully completing an approved course and an approved assessment (See Catalog Civic Literacy Requirements) for approved list of courses and assessment);
  7. Complete and submit an application for graduation by the deadline listed in the College calendar;
  8. Fulfill all financial obligations to the College.

See the College Catalog for more information.

While the College does not offer the Associate in Arts degree in any “major,” with proper planning of coursework students can complete the degree and many prerequisite courses necessary for admission to a variety of degree programs within the State University System. Each possible transfer major has a distinct listing of common prerequisite courses. Talk with your SJR State advisor about common prerequisites, and check the baccalaureate program website at the specific institution where you plan to transfer for additional important information about required prerequisite courses for your intended major.

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*While the majority of classes required to complete the A.A. Degree can be taken online, there may be a few courses that require on-campus attendance depending on the student’s major or area of interest. This includes courses students may need as pre-requisites for an intended major when transferring to a university.

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